Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tattoo #6

Yes.... That is Paco's paw print. I have a chinchilla inspired tattoo. I got his paw print inked the other day, with the intention of getting it tattooed on me. my closest of friends know that this is something I have talked about doing for some time - and I decided, why not. Worst case, people think it looks like some freckles. But I know, it symbolizes my baby boy - my friend Paco. Who will hopefully be in my life for 10-15 more years <3 But honestly. It was hilarious getting it done. We did my first tattoo, which took about 30 mins (AND KILLED) and then she set the ink up to get this one done... and we joked around "damm kelsey, you should have downloaded a movie" "or at least brought a magazine!" and she went, started tattooing for about 45 seconds. Leaned back. And burst out laughing. She was done. hahahahhaha. we laughed so hard. Im really happy with how it looks though. Its definitely unique and I am proud to have it! 6 Tattoos & Counting! To check out my tattoo artist's webpage, CLICK HERE


  1. I'm sorry I wasn't there - but wasn't it great to have Vicky just for you?
    Looks good - I want to see you in a bathing suit.
    By the way - don't forget to get Tegaderm - if we have any they will be in the blue box under the main floor bathroom sink!
    Maybe I should send this blog post to Oma.....

  2. I love your tattoo. My chinchilla was killed the other week and it destroyed me. I had his name tattooed on my foot for my baby boy Chili. I miss him so much and I'm so envious of you.

  3. that broke my heart.. i am so sorry for you lost, i just, i cant even imagine.

  4. That's such a great idea! How did you get the print to bring to the tattoo place?!