Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Lovin'

This summer is flying by.

Only about 1 month left, and its back to life as normal. Not that normal isn't good, I cannot WAIT to get back to Guelph... but, still, I cannot believe it is almost August.

As relaxing as summer is supposed to be, this summer has been a busy one. Working full time is amazing, but it is definitely time consuming. I come home exhausted (emotionally and physically) and just want to plop myself in front of the tv and lounge.

Despite those feelings, I have gone out and had myself an amazing summer - with amazing friends. Boating, pool parties, bbqs, a few drinks and BIG BROTHER have made for a great time. And only more is to come!

Just checking in with everyone, really... and I hope everyone's summer is as happy as mine is!

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