Sunday, July 3, 2011


I seem to be having terrible luck lately. As most of you know, I was in a car accident two weeks ago - which sucked/sucks majorly. And then, yesterday, we were lost at sea!

We were at my friend's house in Grand Bend, and her dad was taking us for a quick boat ride - because you could tell a storm was approaching. On the way back I look at the clouds and they just start spinning. Literally spinning. And, honestly, it was really cool.

Then it started to get darker, and the water turned aqua/green, and that was also really cool (and really pretty). Then, all of a sudden a black cloud just emerged - and within 30 seconds we were in the middle of a storm, on a boat.

It was the scariest thing in my life. Us girls just had to sit on the boat floor in the back of the boat - and we were getting whipped around - and splashed like crazy. The boys all stood at the front, and tried to help her dad out, but you could not see A THING. Sheet lightening covered the sky. We were scared shitless.

Luckily, we made it to the harbor and someone docked the boat to theirs, and we got off in town.

In retrospect, it was a really crazy experience. And a cool one. I hate to say that it was a cool experience, because that is how people die. You hear stories of people being stuck out on their boats in a storm, and people going over board and drowning.

Im just really happy we are okay. But now I am thinking that my luck may be running out.....


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