Sunday, July 31, 2011

the past

sometimes the past just slaps you riiiiight in the face. and how you deal with it shapes you.

the past is everything, and yet it seems to hold some of us back. not letting us take advantage of the present and therefore, the future.

Why bother getting stuck in the past and not moving forward in life, when you can focus on your present? Which, coincidentally, would never have been possible without some sort of past.

the people with the worst pasts have the potential to have the best futures. we live, and some of us learn. you cannot change the past. as much as you want to move forward and get away from it... there will be a time where something happens, and it just brings the memories of the past back and remind you of the trials and tribulations you went through.

accept that. acknowledge it. and move the fuck on.

let the past be a part of your life. just do not let it be your whole life.

let your past make you better, not bitter.

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