Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Beatles: Tattoo Inspirations?

It is common knowledge that I am a Beatles freak. When I was younger, I didn't listen to all the pop like backstreet boys or n'sync... I was in love, seriously in love, with the Beatles. Imagine my love for the Jonas Brothers and multiply it by a million, and that's the range of my love for the Beatles. I lived and breathed Beatles.

So naturally, it made sense that I got a tattoo dedicated to a Beatle. My first tattoo was inspired by George Harrison - using his dying words "love one another". Such a wise way to live, and I find it very inspiring and emotional.

And I was happy to have 1/4 of my tattoos inspired from the Beatles. However, I just found out that my tattoo dedicated to Millie, is also a John Lennon quote.


I had no idea, and here's how it happened: one of my friends died when I was 16... and it was really impossible... no quote seemed to help ease the pain, so when we were decorating our shirts for redfeather that we were dedicating to him - I could not think of any quotes I wanted to put on my shirt. So I asked my mom, and she told me a wonderful phrase:

"Count your life by smiles, not tears, you made me smile"

It summed everything up perfectly.. Because through all the pain and all the hurt, you want to remember all the smiles that were shared, and all the happiness they brought you.

When my dog Millie died, a part of me died too.. And yet, after 2 and a half years, this was the phrase that I could think of when trying to cheer myself up. It only seemed natural to get it tattooed on me and dedicated for millie. I added on "ill forever miss you" and the date of Millie's death - and I thought it was perfect.

I have had that tattoo for 2 years, and all this time I have just thought it was a common phrase, or a saying that my mom conjured. Until I was looking up John Lennon quotes, that is... and I found this:

"Count your life by smiles, not tears." - John Lennon

How amazing and perfect is that? Without even trying to, I have 2/4 tattoos relating to the beatles. And relating to them in a way that is so much more than symbolizing a band. It symbolizes all sorts of love, and harmony and peace in my life..

I love The Beatles.


  1. i like turtles

  2. "love one another." is also a bible verse.


  3. hahaha... well, regardless.. i think they are good words to live by

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