Thursday, July 14, 2011


1. I am obsessed with painting my nails, I probably do it every other day.

2. Justin Bieber. That is all. I have more love and respect for the kid than I could ever sum up in words. It doesn't even bother me when people diss him, because I know they just are too immature to accept that the kid has talent. Lots of it.

3. I've only had a bloody nose once. It was because Brooke shoved her finger up my nose when I was like, 6.

4. I can only drink vodka (well, beers too) but if I drink anything else... kelsey = sloppy.

5. I hate religion. Period.

6. I love animals too much, to the point where it gets in the way of my life. Have you heard the duck story? Yeeeeah.

7. I can't tell if I have the worst luck ever, or the best luck ever. Crazy stuff happens to me, but nothing too seriously bad has ever come from it. Good luck/Bad luck? I just don't knowwwww.

8. My favourite food right now are hot dogs with hot peppers on them.

9. I am also on a huuuuge slurpee binge.

10. I love going to the gym. I haven't been in a while, but I am about to go back and whip my body back into shape.

11. I give off terrrrrible first impressions. Especially towards girls. No one really likes me, unless they know me. Which is fine, because if they want to pre-judge me and hate me, without giving me a chance - why would I want that person as a friend?

12. I am becoming an expert on prescription drugs.

13. I have a really good phone sex voice. To the point where I was seriously considering being a phone sex operator one year.

14. My puppies are my best friends.

15. I get really nervous and embarrassed sometimes when I am alone. Don't know why, because I am pretty confident. I just, do.

16. I'm probably the biggest sleepy head you will ever meet.

17. I eat a ridiculous amount of fruit.

18. I've come to the realization that I might be shallow when it comes to finding boys. There are so many wonderful people out there, but I seem to always pick the beautiful, but douchey, ones.

19. I am a math wizard.

20. I wish I was a wizard wizard.

21. I can wake up and make it to work within 17 minutes. But Brooke hates it when I do that.

22. At this point, driving scares me. So much so that I gave away my Taylor Swift tickets for fear of driving to Toronto.

23. I find it emotionally cleansing to listen to enchanted on repeat while taking a long shower.

24. My stomach sucks. I take a prescription antacid, and yet, I can no longer tolerate any type of pain killers. Tomato products also bother my stomach.

25. I think I may be a slight hypochondriac. That comes from growing up with a doctor and seeing the healthiest people become the sickest people in a matter of days.

26. Also, working at a doctors office I see life kick the shit out of people on a daily basis. But what amazes me, is that it is never these patients that are miserable and complain - they always have the best spirits. It just really puts things into perspective for me.

27. Missing someone is a feeling that is hard to get over for me. I grieve for a lot of people.

28. I am getting not one, but TWO, new tattoos this summer. Both mean a crazy lot to me. I can't wait to surprise you all.

29. Everything I own, is partially chewed by Paco. This includes my glasses.

30. Did I mention my nail obsession? Because right now I am freaking out because 3 of the 10 nails got smushed when opening Paco's cage.

31. My co-worker calls me "lumpy".

32. Ever since I was a little girl, my mom has called me Lulu Lettuce.

33. I have no problem turning down a piece of cake. Sweets really don't do it for me. But if you offered me a taco? I would never be able to say no.

34. I've grown up a lot this year. I still do "foolish" things, but my mind is in a different place. I look back at some of the things I did last year with nothing but "WTFs" running through my head.

35. I love my blog. It gets about 200 hits a day, which is absolutely incredible. I have stumbleupon to thank for that.

36. Thus far, I am extremely disappointed with all the summer hit songs for 2011. Except for give me everything. I love that song. I will never get tired of that song.

37. I come up with weird scenarios that I think would be hilarious in my head alllll the time, but I've stopped sharing them with people - because they think I am crazy. Like this one, where I just think in an awkward situation.. it would be sweet if I could just pop out a beard. Awkwardness = OVER.

38. There are only a few movies I can watch repeatedly and never get tired of: Moulin Rouge & Never Say Never

39. I wish I was a good singer.

40. I am petrified of bees/hornets/wasps.

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