Thursday, June 30, 2011

Embrace Your Today

If you're like me, after a long day you just cannot help but feel exhausted: mentally, physically and emotionally.

So then, is it just me, or do you ever have those days where you just mourn for your youth?

Just looking back, and being able to see that innocent child - that child who had no idea about all the bad things in the world.

I miss that child.

Every day, I see suffering. I see fear. I see despair. And I see death.

But if we live our lives in fear and sadness - what kind of life is that?

You honestly never know what tomorrow will bring. Really. It is a sad and scary truth, that most people WILL ignore.

Please accept that you just can't ever know. So take your today - and rock the hell out of it.

Smile a lot.

Be goofy.

And say hello to that inner child.

1 comment:

  1. This made me smile so much. Good work girlfriend.