Monday, May 2, 2011

VOTE, young Canadians.

Seriously. We can't ever complain about ANYTHING unless we vote. We don't like what the political parties platforms are, right? Because nothing really targets us... why is that? Because the last elections, we haven't been voting. The seniors, they vote, so the parties TARGET them and make their party's platform focused on their needs.

I just voted. It took honestly 2 mins (maybe 10 with the drive there and back) and I asked the people and they said I was one of the first people my age to vote. How disappointing is that?

I seriously think Rick Mercer says it best:


Don't know where to vote? Find out by clicking HERE HERE HERE

Like I said. A democracy is something countries around the world are dying for (literally, remember all that stuff about Egypt in the news?), and to not vote is just passing up all those rights and privileges. It takes almost no time, and it feels great.


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