Sunday, May 1, 2011

How to Flourish

We're Young.

We're Beautiful.

We have one life to live.

We are the ones who have the power to change the world.

These are all things that are drilled into us as we grow up. So WHY do we spend so much time just wallowing in our first world problems and stop living to our full potential? I know I am seriously guilty of these crimes. And I am not saying we need to go help the babies in Haiti, that is great if you want to, what I am saying is we need to start appreciating all the amazing things out there, and let go of the trivial problems.

We will grow up. We will forget things, all those terms we had to memorize for exams, our first boss's name, and even all of those fights that seemed to "ruin our lives", that made us shrink into nothingness, that made us want to literally give up... they'll disappear, too. Some things will leave our memories immediately, others will take time.

But the important things? They stay. That is the magic.

And we have the power to STOP the madness of wallowing in our sorrows, and instead of focusing on the terrible things that have happened to us, you know.. the stuff that makes us feel like there is a giant hole in the pit of our stomachs.. the stuff that prevents us from being able to breathe without breaking into tears.. we need to start focusing on the beautiful things in life. Like the friends that we do have, the way your puppies are always happy to see you, an excellent meal, the way the grass smells after a fresh rain, a good movie or book... No matter what our life situations are, there will always be something beautiful out there - so instead of ignoring it: grab it, embrace it, hold it close with every fiber in your being. Because like I said, those are the things you will remember in the end.

Smile, you look gorgeous when you do.

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