Saturday, May 28, 2011

for the broken people out there

I hate assholes.

I hate how they have the power and the charm to ruin everything good about relationships.

How they are able to take away the excitement of the chase, the magic of a first whatever, and walk away with no strings attach.

Those are the boys that leave the girls broken

With no answers.

Those are the boys who leave girls scarred.

They take away everything magical about love.

Sure, it is easy to "get over" an asshole... but to "get over" the pain that they caused. It is nearly impossible.

Most girls will find their minds running back to those places, without their permission.

And when the mind even flutters in those places.. it is nearly impossible to turn away.

It swallows the girls whole.

It makes them feel an ache that is like a sickening butterfly feeling.

I call it a crushed butterfly.

The butterflies we get from future (probably fantastic) boys, will only remind us of how broken we are deep down.


It is really hard to get fixed after being so broken for so long.

The worst part is?

Assholes have no idea they did anything wrong.

Nor do they care.

Nor will they ever.

Sometimes, all we need to fix the crushed butterfly is an apology, or some sort of closure.

Assholes don't care about closure.

They care about themselves.

So, to all the girls who have been broken by an asshole who doesn't care...

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