Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Book of Awesome

I have seen this book in stores many many times, flipped through it, and it always seemed really interesting. But I always just left it at that.

Revently, there was a coffee commercial where they interviewed the author - and I thought he was really wise.

"Don't force yourself out of the dark spots, let them be dark. Just remind yourself that there's good spots at the end."

You know, we all need a little extra optimism in our lives. And, like I have said before - sometimes the source of that optimism can come from something as small as popping bubble wrap, or reaching that point of no return in a really good book.

Simple, but brilliant.

Take those moments.

Embrace those moments.

Call on those moments.

I think I will be getting this book, but for now I will have to get by with his website - which you can check out here.

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