Friday, April 29, 2011


okay. seriously. I am almost 21. I am so over the awkward acne stage of my life. So after 6 brutal months of the most intense and scary drug ever, accutane, I am finally FREE. Back when I started I decided it would be a good idea to try to take a picture every day, to see the progress. And I am SO happy I did, it is honestly... well, an amazing transition. Don't Hate. This is like the happiest thing that has ever happened to me :)

Day 1. Don't mind the awful brown hair. I had a little life crisis and this was my temporary solution haha!

Month 2. When it "gets worse before it gets better". Ps.. I really dont THINK I am naked. I think I was probably in a towel or something. Oopsies.

This was a beautiful day. I got so mad because I had ONE pimple. And then I was like.. wait.. I have ONE pimple, that is IT!

And here it is...... clear skin :)

I am so happy. It's really nice not having to wear make up every day... lalala... thank you modern medicine :)

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  1. that's amazing girlfriend. congratulations, i know how much this means to you!