Thursday, April 7, 2011

eye opener

We are all born atheists. Each and every one of us.

disclaimer: like I have said before, and will say over and over again, you can have your religion, and I can have my lack of one. Respect that. I respect yours. Just like you may not agree with what I have to say, I don't have to agree with you. This blog isn't to try to tell you that your God is wrong or that he does not exist. Just an interesting perspective that I came across. And I believe from an evolutionary stand-point to be completely true. Look at it this way. We are not born believing in Santa Claus, correct? we learn that through the stories we hear from our parents, etc. That is the point here, we just don't believe as babies. We all stop believing in Santa, just like some of us will stop believing in God. Does that really make us terrible people? I really, really, really think you are ignorant if you say yes.


  1. hm i disagree. i dont think we are born atheists. atheists explicitly believe there is no god. we are born with no such belief. if anything, i would say we are agnostic. we cant decide what to believe. but even that is condescending.

  2. i completely disagree with you. atheism is the lack of belief, not just of one God, but of every god. and not just Gods, it is just a lack of belief system. no baby comes out and goes "hmm, i am agnostic I cant decide what God to like." They just simply do not have a belief system is all I am saying. not all atheists go around arguing why and how god doesnt exist. People commonly think that, but thats not the way we all think.

    We grow up and we are taught what to believe. Our parents take us to church, etc. When we are born we have nothing in our brain that is set for religion, like there is for language, cheater detection, or other adaptions. It comes from our culture. It has nothing to do with what we are as a baby.

    like you said, we are born with no such belief. my exact point. we just have NO belief. about anything. and that, to me, is what atheism is. the lack of a "theism"

  3. being born atheist is simple garbage, since atheism is a belief in itself. atheism looks at the concept of religion, which nobody is born with understanding of, and then disagrees with the very concept.

    although there is nothing wrong with atheism, as atheists have as strong a cause to believe in the non-existence of religion just as those who believe in higher power (s).

    back to point, when you are born, you find religion. In order to explain or to abide to a form of understanding that helps during the daily grind.

    Religion serves its purpose, and ones involvement in it is purely circumstantial, depending on their situation, culture, their family and peers, and their respective beliefs.

    hope that was insightful enough

  4. Hm. I certainly cant remember what I was thinking as a child, but yes I was brought up in the church. I have and continue to read both the atheist and Christian points of view, and I respect both sides. Personally my faith or lack thereof is a private matter. I do not like to see both militant Christians and Atheists. The world is for people to explore and you will not see me handing out pamphlets for either religious or non religious groups. I think that a religion or non or whatever you choose is a private matter and I am intensely private about my personal faith. So I dont know what Im ranting about because I agree with your points. I encourage everyone to read extensively into this issue and read all sides. It is not just Christian, Islam Hinduism etc and also the Origin of Species all the way to Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins. The world is a great place, go out there and decide things for yourself. BUT another point is that the Bible is good literature and many of our common sayings come from it. I had to plug the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, it changed the English language forever. Read it as a book or a holy book, entirely for you to choose which.

  5. haha, riley! I see atheism as more of a lack of anything. If you see it as a belief against God, that is your perspective. i just see it as no point of view. some take it farther than others. if you read definitions it doesnt always say it is a belief of no beliefs, rather that it is a lack of belief.

    And sure, anonymous person, it is private. I am not trying to push my views on anyone in ANY way. I have gone through my lifetime finding my way through religion and this is what I have decided on because it feels right for me. it makes me feel whole, just like i am sure that religion makes people feel whole. and i have read the bible, i havent in years, but i did attend church quite regularly and attend church camps. I am not ignorant on the subject.. but like you said, i choose to read it as a book. i also think it is so important for people to explore the world, see what is out there, and what makes them feel right. because when you find it, and when you know you have experienced other things (and those other things dont compare) then you should go with that. simple as that.

  6. but i do see your point riley, i was just making social commentary on how we are not born with religion. call that whatever you want. it just means to me that it is not unnatural to not have religion as an adult (ie, atheism) and some people see this as terrible, and yet, it really isnt. it is more natural than you would think.

  7. atheism isn't the lack of a belief, it is the rejection of a belief.. which is important when trying to argue that babies are, in fact, atheists.
    atheists beleive in the burden of proof and therefore reject a 'theism' or deity, God, all-righteous, etc on that account (the lack of proof)
    so to claim that an infant is an atheist we must also take into consideration the core values of an atheist (because contrary to mainstream belief - yes, they do still have them)
    and remember, we are also born without the knowledge and use of official language.. but it would be incredibly un-natural for one to be 20, 30, 40 years old without developing. so to claim something as natural just because it is how it is at the state of birth is, well, false.
    a baby can be neither atheist OR agnostic because a baby is not yet a cognitivist - so it does not see a proposition in the term, "God exists" for instance. without seeing a proposition in such a term, you are not of cognitive behaviour, and therefore cannot be a theist of any sort (atheist, agnostic, etc) ..
    just my thoughts. love your blog, though! keep writing :)

  8. It totally depends on definitions. I believe it is more mainstream for people to define atheist as having a rejection toward God, not the other way around. There is a new stigmatization toward the word atheism that just sends people WILD. clearly. I have looked from several sources and the definition of atheism is extremely varied, and it is of hot debate (between everyone, including atheists themselves). Some believe in strong atheists, which is what you all assume I am proposing. These are the people who DENY existence. What do you call the people who just dont believe. They are CERTAINLY not agnostic, because agnostics are just confused and think something exists but cant decide what. Atheists can just be people who lack a belief system. Which is what babies are, to me. Sure, they are not cognitivists as you say, but they sure are ready to learn (and the brain is made for them to learn) certain things. Religion is not one of them.

    And I am in evolution, right. From both psychological aspects and biological, and so I know with 100% certainty that it has been proven that babies are indeed born with a mental module for learning. We are not blank slates when we are born. We are born with intentions to learn to speak. Just like we are born to be aggressive, and we are born to find mates, and so many other things.. like cheater detection. These are things that will develop without us needed explicit learning. If we did not have cognitive adaptions for them, we would not learn language with the ease that we do. We have cognitive adaptions in our brains made explicitly for language development, just like these other things I mentioned. So it is not "false" to say that. Not in the slightest.

    And I am not claiming religion is un-natural? where did I say that once? I said NOT having religion is NOT un-natural. All I am saying is that not having a belief system is what we are hard wired to do, and we deviate from that. It is never unnatural to deviate from the norm. That is not me saying that religion is un-natural. What I am concerned with is not religion, I respect that people have religion, I am concerned because a lot of religious people place the term "unnatural" on atheism, without looking at it from all aspects.

  9. And I do see all your points. And although they are valid, they will not sway MY personal opinion on this matter. If someone can better define atheism, or better define what a complete lack of religion is without denying anything is, then maybe you would be satisfied and we could all come to an agreement. But this is my blog, my opinion, and I am NOT, i repeat NOT NOT NOT, trying to change yours. Just think it is interesting to put it out there. And clearly, you all agree. Because if you didn't care you wouldn't reply. And I like hearing what you all have to say, it is pretty cool. I never mean any disrespect. That is not what I stand for, ever. My atheism is just as personal and inspiring to me as your religions are. Just put that into perspective.

    I also want to put it out there, that if this was talking about my religion and how I believe in God so strongly etc etc, no one would want to debate that, because it would be seen as totally rude or insensitive. But no one has a problem debating my beliefs or my point of views, because I am atheist - and that is "unnatural". Just an interesting thing I have noticed.

  10. I have seen many many many Christians nailed for their beliefs, but thats not what I wanted to talk about. Scientifically, we are hard wired to learn, but is it not also possible that in that we also find our belief system, to explain something we don't understand. Anybody would tell you children are curious, and maybe one day when we have the answers to all of the questions religion will no be a viable answer but until then could we not say that developmentally there is a tendency towards a belief, be it atheist or whatever?