Wednesday, March 23, 2011

school = life

Here is my plan for the week, I am telling you because I have no more time to blog. Even right now I am cutting it close.

I have:

an evolutionary biology paper due monday, and it is a research paper. Which means, it's brutal and time consuming. It is pretty cool, I am writing it on "why we age" (because there is NO adaptive or reproductive benefit to it)

an evolutionary psychology paper due next thursday, and this will be an awesome paper to write. It only has to be 1000 words (child's play) and I am writing it on ... RELIGION (of course). More so, why has religion always existed, and has continued to exist despite the vast evidence against it. What benefits are there to faith? (there are some.. as in, it makes people feel good). Should be great.

a paper for my seminar in public health, due next friday, which I am focusing on STDs (more specifically HPV) and just talking about what public health is doing, if they are really trying to promote it and then I have to suggest ways that more people will get vaccinated.

and I have to finish a case study in my abnormal psychology class by next friday. We start with basic information about a hypothetical patient, and we get to ask 5 questions over the duration of the case study, and we have to try to clinically diagnose him. This is actually really interesting, and it is an online group project.. I love it, and we are on the right track I am suuure.

So, with ALL that work I really should not be doing anything fun this weekend. But, alas. I am.

It is a few of my friend's birthdays, and so we are going to Waterloo (where all the birthday girls live) and going on a brewery tour thing. I am not sure of the details, all I know is that we get 2 or 3 hours of UNLIMITED BEEEEER, for $15. Which I would say is pretty awesome. Then we have VIP at a bar downtown (I have never been downtown Waterloo, should be funnn).

But, saturday morning I plan to wake up early, and head back to Guelph and work my little non-existent butt off.

LaLaLa, life is good. Busy, but good.


  1. BENNY ( PM, March 29, 2011

    interesting concept for an evolutionary biology paper... "why we age" When there is no adaptive or reproductive benefit to it. I guess that is more of an ideology question than a biology question. I mean doesn't life and death take precedent over adaptive reproduction? You are adapting in order to beat out death. So in that sense its not a question of why aging is not adaptive because aging is dying in its most basic form. The question is why haven't we adapted to avoid aging? but i'm neither a biologist or an ideologue... but rather a rambler.. either way - good luck!

  2. I do believe it is an evolutionary question. only because it has evolved alongside humans. The purpose of natural selection is not to live, its to reproduce. people commonly say "survival of the fittest" but it should actually be "reproduction of the fittest" therefore, it makes no sense why we age and are unable to reproduce and yet we continue to live. And we become weaker, and more susceptible to diseases .. and yes, that is more of the question i am asking - why do we age? it makes no sense because its a process that has continued despite the adverse effects. But the question of why havent we adapted to avoid aging is also pretty easy to understand, we do not have nearly enough resources that there will soon be so many people and species who dont age (and therefore are adaptive, and likely to survive for long periods of time) and the world's resources would be taken up, and alas, we would all die of starvation.

    i am also a rambler! thanks for your input, i handed it in yesterday!

  3. Nick the Russian10:59 PM, April 19, 2011

    If we were reproducing without dying, then we'd be soon killing each other off on a much more massive scale than ever before, because, like you said, there are constraints on life in this little world of ours. Aging allows us to die on our own, rather than at the hands of our children (those ungrateful soon-to-be-bastards). In short aging supports the evolutionary cycle, and also gives you a job when you graduate university (because the last dude who had it passed on).