Sunday, March 20, 2011

100 facts about me.

1. I hate water. Like, I actually hate it. Drinking it is such a chore. But I am thirsty ALL the time. Generally I drink crystal light, or diluted juice. That's another thing, I mostly drink juice diluted (except orange juice) it is just way too sweet.

2. I am actually really scared that there will be a "zombie" apocolypse in our lifetime. With medicine, and nanobots, and all this crazy stuff and advances.. I think it is totally plausible, and it scares me. A lot.

3. I am not a huge fan of chocolate, but I go nuts for reese's peanut butter cups. Seriously, I dominate the whole thing in about 30 seconds.

4. Other than peanut butter cups, I am a ridiculously slow eater. Sometimes its embarrassing so I try to speed up, but then I end up choking and it's generally no fun.

5. I don't get heartburn often, but when I do it is the most debilitating thing that ever happens to me. Ask Brooke, sometimes when I am home and wake up with heartburn, I will call the home phone from my cell and beggggg for someone to bring me pepto.

6. In first year a few friends and I were having a water fight in res, and it was really fun, but I ended up slipping and falling down a set of stairs and I really did some permanent damage. There is an indent on my right butt/hip that hasn't gone away after two whole years.

7. No matter how much I brush and floss, I almost always get cavities.

8. I get really homesick from time to time, partly for my family, but mostly for my puppies.

9. I have nightmares every. single. night. every night. Imagine the type of nightmares where you wake up, confused and scared, your heart beating out of your chest..... yeah, every night.

10. I hate taking pain killers, so when I do take pain killers, you know that it is BAD.

11. Every time I look at my dog Lucy a little part of me breaks, because she IS Millie, everything about Lucy reminds me of Millie. And, its been 2 years, but I just can't get over Millie's death. She was honestly my best friend, and ugh, I am on the verge of tears so that's all I will say about that.

12. One of the things that gets me riled up the most is people who accept things without any proof or because thats what they were taught as a child. And this isn't just about religion. It's about everything in life, I think faith is a dangerous concept - and relying to heavy on it can only lead to bad things. I think it is a beautiful world out there, and to not even try to understand it is just mind boggling to me.

13. I used to only own black clothes, some purple, some red, some random colours here and there.. but lately my closet has been filling up with colours. It's nice.

14. I was such a little brat growing up, and I can't believe how mean I was to my parents at times. But the thing is, despite all that, they managed to do (what I think is) a great job. And I now get along amazingly with my parents. I actually LOVE hanging out with them. I would have never imagined becoming this close with my parents.

15. Most of you know this, but, I have to wear ear plugs when I swim. I am supposed to wear them when I shower, too, but I draw the line at the pool.

16. I am too generous. Like, actually. I need to stop being such a good sharer. People tell me I am too generous all the time, yet, I can't change. I know this doesn't seem like a bad thing, and I honestly don't mind one bit - I love sharing. But yeah...

17. I love having a summer birthday, but it always made me sad to never have my birthday at school.

18. I have seen the jonas brothers 9 times. 2 of those have been front row, once second row.. I feel pretty snobbish when it comes to concerts now, I always want to be close.

19. I feel like I relate to Demi Lovato, a lot.

20. I really AM a natural blonde.

21. I love pearls, any size... but the bigger the better when it comes to earrings.

22. Going to zumba makes me laugh so hard, so it ends up working my abs about twice as well.

23. When I take in really deep breaths my rib cage on my right side cracks. It always feels amazing, so I try to make it happen all the time. But it only works when I dont plan on it.

24. Paco has this weird ability to make me smile even when I want to cry.

25. I have gotten really good at painting my nails. but they chip within a day.

26. I haven't gotten tired of cesars yet!

27. It's weird, but I really don't like getting drunk anymore. When I drink its to a point where I am just buzzing a little bit, I hate being drunk.

28. A lot of people I have loved have died, and honestly, it doesn't get easier. Ever. Each death is another struggle. Mourning is always going to be impossible.

29. I am 69 inches and I love it.

30. A lot of people who thought they didn't like me, actually really like me once they get to know me.

31. I know a lot of random facts, especially regarding health.

32. I have a love/hate relationship with my boobs.

33. Scary movies are my favourite movies.

34. One time, I was watching fight club, and the worst thing happened to me. I can't tell you what, but it was awful.

35. My bunions, on top of being ugly, KILL.

36. Recently I've been drinking a lot of chai tea, it is absolutely to die for.

37. I have had to have 2 moles removed from my back. Now I have weird circular scars instead.

38. My skin is insanely itchy, at almost all times.

39. I would die without blistex lip medix, I use it every night before bed. If I don't use it one night I can tell when I wake up - and it is not pleasant.

40. I am really bad at plucking my eyebrows.

41. I wish everyone would get along with everyone.

42. Vegetables are my worst enemy. More than any person I have ever fought with. Me and veggies constantly struggle with out relationship and have never been on solid ground for more than a few weeks at a time.

43. I like chicken, but I can't cook it myself. I get disgusted. I have no problem eating an animal, but raw chicken has to be the nastiest thing in the world.

44. Speaking of chicken, another big fear of mine is cracking an egg and seeing blood in it. I heard that can happen, and that would be terrifying.

45. My heart hurts, a lot. Metaphorically, of course.

46. I am a huge Miley fan, not really her singing, but just her. I think she is an incredible person.

47. Quite obviously I am atheist.

48. Richard Dawkins turns me on, like, a lot.

49. Sometimes I wonder who is thinking about me, and who is creeping me on facebook.

50. I don't like cheese very much, only the processed stuff.

51. The stupidest things make me cry.

52. Superstar will always be the story of my life.

53. I know one magic trick, it is really impressive.

54. I am not a very good cook, but I want to be. I think I would be, its just that I never have any ideas for meals.

55. I go through lotion like a mother-effer.

56. Seriously, I need lotion wherever I go. To the bar, to class, to the bathroom. I will always be equipped with lotion.

57. I believe there is an explanation for everything, but the magic is in not always wanting to know - but just accepting those special moments as special. Just because I question things doesn't mean that I don't let loose and just feel "miracles" (even though, really, miracles are questionable).

58. Moulin Rouge is a really good movie and is one of my favourites.

59. I have 4 tattoos.

60. I have 9 piercings.

61. Evolutionary psychology is really interesting.

62. My step dad is really obsessed with astronomy right now, its adorable.

63. I like to take pictures, just because in a few years I will have trouble remembering the little things.

64. I drink tooooo much coffee.

65. There are quite a few people that I miss dearly right now, but there are only a select few that I would do anything to reconnect with.

66. I tend to fall for douchebags with superficial charm. But I get bored pretty quick, that says something - right?

67. I tan really well, and really fast.

68. My hip bones stick out really far, and so when I bump into things they really connect - I almost always have a bruise on one or the other.

69. The number 69 makes me laugh.

70. I find it amazing how much can change in just a few months.

71. I look way better blonde.

72. Building forts is a definite joy.

73. I eat a lot of apples.

74. Calculus is great, I really wish I went into math in university. REALLY wish.

75. I will always be there to offer advice.

76. When I say I won't judge you if you come to me and confide in me, I really do mean it.

77. Lord Voldemort has the absolute best tweets.

78. The Justin Bieber movie made me cry like a baby.

79. I am feeling a lil bloated right now.

80. Also, I can't think of many more facts.

81. Biofreeze is my life-force.

82. I love chatham, but I hate it.

83. It is impossible for me to take short showers. My shampoo takes 5 minutes, my conditioner takes 7. Game over.

84. Asking to borrow money is one of the worst feelings in the world.

85. I've never applied for a job before, every job I've ever had has been handed to me. This... is a problem.

86. I can't tell whether I hate ice or slush worse.

87. I am passionate about science.

88. I have fully accepted that I am a nerd deep down.

89. My snuggie is pretty amazing, but I haven't been able to use it for some pretty weird reasons that I won't get into detail about.

90. The only reason I like winter is because pomegranates are in season.

91. I can't remember the last time my toenails HAVENT been painted.

92. Doings puzzles makes me really happy.

93. I'm really into playing solitaire right now.

94. I love camping.

95. I can be ghetto. Right now my phone case is duct tape.

96. Having over 300 followers on twitter makes me giddy.

97. I was born to be somebody.

98. I really do have a ton of respect for Justin Bieber.

99. I'm homesick right now. And I am at home. I just don't want to leave.

100. I work hard at it, but I really do love me.

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