Sunday, March 6, 2011

double birthday all the way

First, a very happy birthday to my roommate MATT! He turned 21 in style ;) Just a casual night at unit 104 was just the thing we all needed, the perfect way to celebrate his birthday. Matt is one of the greatest additions to my life, he is the type of person that always makes you smile. I also have the best talks with Matt, and the goofiest "Matt, will you buy me this kinder egg?" "No.. but I'll hold it for you. See, just as good." Hahahah. Love you princess Matt!

And next, a super duper happy birthday to the sweetest dog in the world, Dexter! Dexter is two years old today, and we have enjoyed him so much.. After our dog millie died in 2008, I seriously never thought I would be able to love a golden retriever as much as I loved Millie, but Dexter has done a wonderful job of stealing my heart! Dexter is... how do I put this gently... a total DOPE and that just makes him that much more endearing! Just thinking about Dex and all his shenanigans makes me smile so much... I already called home and wished Dexter a happy birthday. Ahh, I am just so happy to have a dog that means this much to me - and I hope he has a wonderful day.. I am sad I cannot spend it with him.

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