Saturday, February 5, 2011

sister love

my sister just visited me in Guelph - only for a night, but it was a great one! I am sad she has left me already though. But, no sadness here because after this weekend I think she is pretty convinced that Guelph is the school for her! Go Gryphons! Hehehe, he we are - in my ghetto kitchen!

I am so happy this past year me and my sister have gotten to be so close. With an age difference of 3 years - it was definitely hard at times to see eye to eye. But these days, we barely fight (aside from making fun of each other, and by each other I mean Brooke making fun of me. yeahhhhh.)

Anyway, I have to thank Brooke. Because not only did she treat me to a starbucks run this morning (full fat caramel macchiato, mmmmmmmmmmmmm), but she also provided me with the biggest laugh I have had in a LONG while. I don't even need to describe what happened, just look at the picture. Bahahahah, best fall I have seen in forever. And note Bunky in the background, who also came and spent the night here in Guelph. It was great to see her, too, but I think she missed being around the 4 other dogs she normally lives with!

So, that is all I have to say. If you have sisters and haven't talked to them in a while, it might be nice to remind them how much they mean to you! Have a very happy weekend!

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  1. I love you sooo much! Amazing night in Guelph, even with the fall hahah. You're the bestest.