Monday, February 21, 2011

the seaweed is always greener....

RIP my little buddy.

You made my drunk nights just a little bit better with your presence.

Sebastian McMahonRiessDavisEdwardsChignall
born: sometime in 2010, I assume
died: sometime between Saturday and Today.

Goodbye, little one.

I am extremely sad to announce the death of my house's beautiful pet crab, Sebastian. Although we cannot for sure say what his cause of death was, I assume it was nothing short of being completely epic. After all, he did escape from the tank.

I don't believe in heaven, but for some reason crab heaven seems more plausible.. I hope you are skittering around there, Sebastian. And I hope, if you encounter fidler crabs - that you take as much pleasure ripping their claws off as you did with Fidel and Castro. You were always such a tough guy, yet you never pinched us - and let us hold you.

I am truly sad you are gone. You were my favourite part of the fish tank (other than Lizzie, who is also dead). Now all I have left out of the three members of the tank that I ever loved is Rasputin. But.. don't tell Rasputin.. he is no you, Sebastian.

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