Sunday, February 13, 2011

Obsessed with Oats

I am a huge fan of breakfast, I am not always that hungry, but I know I will feel 10x better the rest of the day if I start my morning off right - and break the fast. Lately, I have been eating the exact same breakfast every single day: oatmeal! To be more specific, oatmeal made with 1/2 water and 1/2 milk and 6 almonds!

Not only is this meal super delicious, nor do I like it just because it keeps my belly full and warm all morning, but it is a POWER-HOUSE for nutrition. You honestly can't really beat it.

Both oats and almonds raise your HDLs (good cholesterol) while lowering your LDLs (BAD BAD BAD cholesterol). With this fact alone you can understand why eating these foods help lower your risk of heart disease - which btw is a major killer of women.

I can't even blog about all the benefits because honestly, there are too many. So I will link you to two sites, explaining how awesome these foods are! Click here to find out more about oatmeal and click here for almonds!

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