Friday, February 11, 2011

my life be like ooooh aaaaah

UPDATE: Already someone on formspring asked about this, kind of implying I was starting the drama myself, but I think they totally missed my point. I am not trying to make people leave me alone, they have!! Everything is amazing right now, I havent been this happy in a really long time :) I just can't stand how much information everyone has on each other. Even within friend groups. It just really astonishes me. And I wish everyone would give everyone an equal chance without getting these (likely) incorrect first impressions on social network sites.

I love blogging, I love tweeting, and I enjoy facebook. These are all things I use because really, they are fun and make me feel good. But the last few months they have made me really sketched out. Because people I don't know, people I have never met seem to know exactly who I am. And they "know me". People are using these social networks are negative tools for destruction against each other. It has turned into this hugely negative thing.

I am really starting to hate Chatham (my home town). It is such a small town, and it is full of gossip. Everyone always seems to know each others business. And when you don't know the gossip on someone, don't even worry, because guaranteed you know someone who knows something. You can't get away. Your secrets are never safe.

All I know, is that the chances of me living in Chatham this summer are slim to none. I am so over gossip. Everyone there needs to grow up and get satisfaction from their own lives. Instead of mine.

Rant = Over


  1. Depends on where you get your summer job! I wish they'd open up that nearly-elitist pool of theirs.