Tuesday, February 8, 2011

my brand new: POP MACHINE

Yes, you heard me. A pop machine.

This is probably the single greatest thing that I have ever owned, and I have had it for a day and I am already saying it has changed my life. For real.

I, like many other university students, require an energy drink or two to get me through the day. At $2-4 a can, this is a pretty pricey requirement. Now, I can enjoy a delicious energy drink for just about $0.25 - and it only has 35 calories, and no scary chemicals, and NO high fructose corn syrup.

This goes for all of the soda flavors offered by the Soda Stream company. They never use high fructose corn syrup (and just in case you didn't know - this stuff is the devil, the body automatically stores it as fat).

The process of making pop may seem daunting, but it is so easy - even I can do it, so come on.. how hard could it really be?

You just fill the bottle with water, screw it in, press the button 1-3 times (depending how carbonated you want it) and then add the flavor you would like!

The kit I got came with the machine, a CO2 container, a sample size of all the flavors - and 3 sparkling water flavors. Only $99! You can check out the website here. I also got 2 extra things of energy drink, a diet grapefruit and a sprite (which each cost $5 and make 50 servings! Talk about a value).

All the regular sodas are still way better for you than normal pop. 1 cup of soda stream pop is ~35 calories, compared to the ~100 you would get from the average cup! And like I said before, no fat inducing syrups. And, I just found this out, in the diet sodas there is no aspartame. None! Imagine that.

So go ahead, come on over, and enjoy a cup of pop guilt free. In many ways. No diet guilt (we can drink as much pop as we want and still be skinny, yeehaww), no energy guilt (yeah. that's right, it uses NO energy), and no waste guilt (you make it in a re-usable bottle, as opposed to the cans and bottles of pop we throw away normally). Not a pop person? Can I offer you a glass of flavored sparkling water? No.. how about an energy drink?

Anyway, I am really excited. And don't be jealous because I am an excellent sharer.


  1. the amount of money you just saved me is unreal.
    you are a lifesaver!
    energy drinks for 25 cents? don't mind if i DO!

  2. I was gonna buy this for Christmas, but I forgot what flyer I saw it in!!! Where did you get it?

  3. Who has the very best Mother in the world???