Friday, February 4, 2011

macadamia oil

Hello hair savior! I just want to say THANK YOU for taking my dry, cracking hair, and turning it into soft and luscious blonde locks - in a matter of DAYS. I am not kidding, this stuff is heaven sent!

That there is the healing oil, which is definitely very worth the expensive price ($13 for just 1oz). But you need like nothing, and you notice it working immediately. This is the stuff that got me hooked, my sister had some and let me borrow it once - months ago, before I killed my hair, and I was in love.

However, after I killed my hair, I realized that I needed to get some of this stuff for myself. And I ended up buying the healing gift set, which includes the rejuvenating shampoo, healing oil and the deep repair masque - all for only $40. Which is a ridiculous price (separately purchased its $21 + $13 + $30)

Honestly, not only does this stuff save your hair in a matter of days, but it also smells delicious. And it is a natural oil product, no gross chemicals. Really, I can't promote this stuff more. If you have split ends or dry/dead hair then this stuff is a must for you! As I've said before - never cheap out when it comes to your hair! You don't want to learn that lesson the hard way (trust me)

Check out the website here!

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