Thursday, January 20, 2011


UPDATE: I have already decided against this, I don't think it would feel right on - but keep reading if you would like

As most of you know, I am a tattooed lady. I'm sitting happily at 4, but I can also feel the itch to get a new one. However, I am not too sure what exactly I want... But I am thinking it might be a good idea to add to one of my current tattoos - and so I would like your feedback!

So I got this baby back in 2009 (wow, almost 2 years ago, I am getting old) and this is my most recent tattoo. It also means the most to me. My oma translated it from engligh to german for me (because she is from Germany) and roughly it means (and yes, I know there is a typo LOL)

"Count your life by smiles, not tears. You made me smile. I will forever miss you"

And underneath, in roman numerals, is the date that my beautiful dog, Millie, passed away. I love my tattoo so much, and I honestly feel so proud to have a dog that was special enough to inspire a tattoo! And this sounds morbid, and I am not even sure if I like the idea of this myself... but I was thinking of adding another date underneath it "X I MMX" which is Nov 1, 2010 - the day my Grandma Edwards passed away.

Would that be weird? Like, I really really love her and I miss her so much - but would it be weird to have a tattoo that is a bunch of death dates? I dunno! I need to really really think about it, and this is just the totally initial stages of tattoo planning. But Let me know what you think-ski. I love the tattoo so much as it is, I think its gorgeous and super meaningful (unlike my stupid foot tattoo....) so yeah! feedback would be awesome!

Peace, love & Jonas,


  1. You have to ask yourself, when will it end? Your Grandma won't be the last person in your life to die. It also may be inappropriate to remember your grandma on a tattoo originally meant for your dog (no matter how much you loved millie).

  2. yeah for sure! thats exactly my thought. like the idea of a list of dead people freaks me out, and then id start feeling bad if i DIDNT add someone, you know what i mean?

  3. Hey schmelt! You should stop putting ur blog thingy on facebook lol jks ps it's Kody :P, as for my opinion, having a tattoo dedicated to loved one's deaths may be seen by some as being a little different (but then again, there is nothing wrong with being different) but its not uncommon. Some may add their birth date along with their date of death and it becomes more of a tattoo about celebrating/commemorating the life the deceased had lived that made them mean so much to inspire the tattoo in the first place, also there is alot of things from many cultures that have meanings of like goodluck in the afterlife or you'll be reincarnated as something beautiful (w/e based on the ideological basis of the culture) that are used in tattoos that others have gotten to pay tribute or show their love for ones who have past. You could also choose something symbolic that they were known for, something they always loved, something you guys shared, etc. :D but when all said and done its down to you and what you want and think will look good and holds meaning for you. Goodluck with it, tattoo possibilities are always endless :D lol

  4. yeah absolutely. i knew it was you as soon as you said schmelt! loser! i think instead of adding dates i would rather just get something that symbolizes her a bit more that a date does. but for now im content with my millie tattoo the way it is! i just want a tattoooo :)

  5. SAME!! they are addictive lol i just started out my 2nd one the other day, been thinking about it for over a year now lol, but I think a tattoo that symbolizes her, an aspect of herm or your guys relationship, w/e would be better than just dates and you don't always need to tell people the true meaning or having to explain the dates and which one was who's cause that would kinda suck explaining to people lol

  6. for suuuuuuure! yeah, im totally on board with a tattoo that symbolizes her, if i even get one. I mean, i have amazing memories and stuff of her - and im actually thinking i might get the word family (kind of cliche..) but she had 10 kids and they are all so close, and she really taught me the meaning of what a family is :)