Sunday, January 23, 2011


weekends tend to be that time of the week that everyone looks forward to the most. No classes, we get to sleep in.. watch movies... be lazy...

unless you are kelsey edwards. and really, thats a lie. my weekends are usually bliss, this one however, was nuts.

thursday night i drove home to chatham (yay- home) and was pretty exhausted, but practiced parallel parking with my daddy for an hour or so. and then i read some school stuff, and went to sleep. I woke up at 8 (which is CRAZY for me) and started driving around chatham doing stupid random errands, basically to practice my driving. and it was worth it, because I GOT MY G!!!!!! YAY PARTY TIME WOO!
then we had a brief, but awesome, girls night. and then today, finally, i got to lounge around basically all day and be lazy and happy.

here is my weekend in picture form. i hope you appreciate the greatness!

yes, i did paint her nails to match my own

now i am OFFICIALLY a straight up G. holla.


hope everyone had a good weekend. you all rock. but not as much as i do, because im a G driver... yeah....

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