Monday, January 17, 2011


They are honestly so cool, and just show the magic of the human body. What a scar is, is an area of tissue on the surface (can be on an internal surface too) that has been damaged - and has tried to heal itself by making fibrous tissues to seal it together. Scars can never be completely removed, despite what you might have heard - because scar tissue is completely different, and sadly inferior, to regular skin tissue.

But who cares? Each scar tells a story, whether epic or not. And I am quite proud of say that I have quite a few of them.. Some stories are less epic and more embarrassing, like the 5 or 6 scars I have on both of my kneecaps due to drunken falling. One scar I have that I see everyday makes me laugh, and think about growing up, because I was trying to hard to be an adult and cut the pineapple for my mom, but ended up slicing the side of my hand sooooo hard. A scar signifies a memory.

One of my best scars, and probably most noticeable, is this gem. I know, this is a terrible picture - but it is one of the only ones that actually shows it. I got this baby when I was just a baby, and although my memory surrounding it are fuzzy, i DEFINITELY remember it. I was a bit of a scaredy cat when I was little (~3 years old) and so I slept in my parents bed every night, right smack dab in between them. One night though, being the mature 3 year old I was, I decided to let mommy and daddy sleep next to each other and slept on the edge. OF COURSE I fell out of bed, and on my fall down I sliced my eye on the cabinet beside the bed. Ouch! I went to my mom and was like "mommmmmy, i fell out of the bed" and she like patted my head, and said "youre okay, go back to sleep." i bet she felt like a real good parent when she woke up in the morning to find me sleeping in a pool of blood! hahahaha, but anyway. I got 4 stitches, and they weren't frozen because it was in such a sensitive area.

Ever since then, I've been a badass.

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