Monday, January 24, 2011

pearls are a girls best friend

I feel like most girls grow up with a similar fantasy in their minds. Meet boy. Fall in love. Get amazing diamond ring. Live happily ever after. I, of course, differ from that slightly. In my fantasy I receive a beautiful antique-looking pearl ring, and then I live happily ever after.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to receive a diamond ring - I have nothing against diamonds. But pearls... oh how I love pearls. If you look at my pictures, in a majority of them I will have a set of pearl earrings in, or perhaps a pearl necklace. This has been true for quite some time.

Two years ago for christmas, all I wanted was a pearl necklace. This Christmas I asked for an expansion on my earring collection (and I got exactly what I wanted!)

hehehe, yes. That is indeed my collection. Not to mention right now I am currently wearing my pair of fresh-water black pearl earrings. They are teeny tiny (well, tiny compared to some of those huge mothers in there), but I love them. Mostly because they have a purple tint to them. So on days where I wear purple, like today, they really stand out and look awesome!

What is it about pearls that I like so much, to the point where diamonds are almost obsolete in my eyes? I think it is how much work the little oyster goes into making it, all because it was irritated and wanted to protect itself from something that could be as small as a grain of sand!! And only 1 in about 10,000 oysters make pearls - which makes them incredible rare. That is what a natural pearl is.. so, being honest here, most of my pearls are definitely NOT natural pearls because I am a student and I cannot afford to buy real pearls. Most of my pearls probably aren't even cultured pearls.. most of them are beyond fake - but they still represent something so magical and really, I just love the way they look. Pearls to me symbolize class and elegance (not to say that diamonds don't). Anyway, kind of pointless post - but I just love pearls. Like, a-ridiculously-lot.

Do you have any items of jewelery that mean more to you than others?

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