Friday, January 7, 2011

my one life motto

people by nature are such mean creatures. I hate it. I hate bullying. I am beyond passionate about niceness and making sure everyone is treated the way they should be, that's why it hurts me so much when people think I'm a bitch. Because I am not, I totally just get misunderstood. I would never do anything to intentionally hurt someone. Most of my meanness comes when I am personally hurt, and I say things that I really regret and it has nothing to do with the person but everything to do with MYSELF. The thing that gets me the most is when people are mean to someone just by associations - or when it isn't there business and they aren't involved with the person. It's classic bullying. Everyone should love everyone initially, dislike should only come if that person has done something personally, and even then - forgiveness should be readily available. That brings me to my motto: Love One Another.
Yes, here it is. My first tattoo. It is a little bit emo, I know, but the meaning is so pure. A poor little girl with rags, and a nice looking girl with a pretty little dress. People from two different worlds, and despite this separation they are holding hands: they are loving one another. It reminds me every day not to make little judgments based on external factors. Be inspired to stop judging and start learning. Anyway, kind of ranty. This was brought on by someone being jerky to my sister, someone who has NEVER met my sister, someone who doesn't like me - and is taking it out on my sister who has had nothing to do with them. It's so confusing to me. Anyway, love you guys! Be kind, cool, and especially happy - because you all deserve it.


  1. You're legit really good at writing! I can't believe he shook his head, like grow up. Love you

  2. wow, thanks brooke! means a lot coming from you (because i really trust your opinion) <3 and i cant believe he did that either, makes me sick!