Monday, January 3, 2011

If You Really Knew Me

This is a new blog, so I figured I should tell you all a little bit about myself. I have come up with 25 random facts, hopefully there is something there that is new to you.

1. I am 69 inches tall, and I get intimidated when girls are taller than me.
2. I graduated grade 12 with a 92 average, now I am sitting with a 75 at university, I plan to bump that up in my last 3 semesters of my undergraduate degree!
3. My parents divorced when I was 6.
4. Every few months I need to get my hips put back in place, and because my hips are so lopsided my ribs are also lopsided - but that doesn't change. Seriously, you should all take a look sometime - it is pretty bad.
5. My favourite shows are (in this order) Dexter, Curb your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development & Summer Heights High
6. I drink a ridiculous amount of milk
7. I've never been in love
8. I want to be a teacher, because I love kids and you can't ask for better hours and holiday time
9. I have a feeling give really bad first impressions to girls who are around my age. I think they misinterpret my actions as being cocky and rude, but I have insecurities like everyone else and I am a really kind and caring person.
10. I love my friends, but I am big on alone time. Without alone time I get really stressed out and start to feel depressed (which is weird, because I am surrounded by people who I love/who love me - but that's what happens)
11. I'm a nerd, and I know this because when I have a calculator in hand and am required to figure something out I feel so whole.
12. I still cry all the time over my dog Millie who passed away in April 2009. She was my best friend growing up, and she died during my university exams. My mom just told me Millie was sick, but once I was done I found out she had passed away days earlier. All that time I had hope that Millie would get better... I was literally crushed. Love you baby girl.
13. My chinchilla completes me, I talk to him like he understands me and I expect him to obey me. I feel like he gets it though...
14. The worst feeling is knowing I hurt someone and I haven't yet said sorry.
15. It's hard for me to call my step-dad "dad" even though I consider him to be just as much my dad as my real dad.
16. I was a competitive gymnast for years when I was younger, and I was amazing. Then I quit. I became a dancer, for years, and I was amazing. Then I quit. I honestly have no idea where I would be today if I didn't quit those things! But I'm so glad I did. Those are two of the sports where they place a lot of pressure on your body.
17. I don't know how to diet. I screwed myself over in grade 9 by becoming anorexic, and now I know I need to avoid diets like the plague because it always brings me back to that same downward spiral.
18. I pwn really hard at super nintendo games, I even have a super nintendo at my house in Guelph. I suck at the new systems, I keep it old school.
19. As I said, I've never been in love, and I think that's because I have only fell for pretty boys before. The kind of guy that is charming, amazingly beautiful (but you can tell he puts a lot of effort into his looks), popular, ripped, etc etc. And it took me 20 years to find out they are all the same. I need to find me a nice boy.
20. My biggest insecurity is my skin. Hence me being on drugs that are literally killing me slowly.
21. I am obsessed with pomegranates
22. I will come to your side whenever you need me
23. I want you to be my friend, my heart is always open
24. My sister is my best friend
25. I thought I looked cute with brown hair, but I am blonde. That is me.

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