Monday, January 31, 2011

haters make you famous

I don't agree with that title. But it is something that has stuck in my head for the past year, because a girl from FFE was so mean to all of us, and when we said something back to her - her response was "haters make you famous". At that point, I totally understood. She was intentionally making us mad to get a reaction, and it worked. To this day we all know exactly who she is, and it was because we "hated" her.

That, my friends, is a very self absorbed thing to do. I am actually pretty hurt right now that some anonymous person would write on my formspring and tell me that I am self absorbed. Here is a definition "preoccupied with one's own thoughts, emotions, life, etc." Uhm, okay. Not so much. A big problem in my life right now is that I can't stop thinking about people and their problems. I have sent out so many loving emails offering my help to a family that REALLY needs it right now, and I did not do that because I am self-absorbed. I did that because I genuinely care about them, and would do anything for them.

My emotions have always played a large role in my life, but I mean - they are emotions. I care about mine, and trying to maintain a happy mood. But I also care about others. Ask anyone, I am always there to give advice. And I will never judge you if you come to me. The only times I judge is when you personally do something to me. Despite the gossip and everything I have heard about you, when I meet you I will never let those things cloud my opinion of you. You prove yourself to me, others don't.

I am actually hurt. I really am not self absorbed. I do not even get why someone would ever say that to me. They clearly do not know me, and misjudge things I do. Of course I am working on self-love, it is completely necessary to live a happy life, but its not always there. I am a girl, with problems, but I do not need to always project them onto other people to feel good about myself. I do not always need to talk about myself when talking to others. I just, I don't get it.

I would never want to be famous because of haters, because being hated on is a terrible feeling.

As always - peace & love,


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