Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Best purchase of my LIFE

Okay, so before I start this point let me just point out that I am indeed a student - which by nature means I have zero money. Okay? Cool.

So as some of you know, I used to be a brunette (I had a momentary mental breakdown and felt like completely changing my hair would also change my attitude). But after two months or so of brunette-ness, I started to really miss my blondeness. So, feeling like an expert I tried to dye it back myself. Whoops.

Here is the result of that:
I know, terrifying.

I freaked out, and drove the 2.5 hours to Chatham the next day to get it professionally done by the one lady I trust with my hair! And it turned out gorgeously white-blonde, and I also decided to chop over 2 inches off (and I love it, I don't think I'll ever try to grow it out again).

But, as she warned me, the ginger started to come through again. And she recommended I buy a $20 bottle of schwarzkopf blondme shampoo that is supposed to help with this. I, feeling poor, decided to NOT get this immediately and get a cheaper shampoo called "sheer blonde". No results. Finally I sucked it up and bought it. Holy moly, so worth it. If you are a blonde, and there is some coppery tones coming through, I recommend you IMMEDIATELY go pick up a bottle of this stuff.

First of all, as a girl - I LOVED the colour of the shampoo: bright purple! Which was promising, because at the salon my hairdresser uses a toner on my hair time-to-time and it is also bright purple! The smell, well, there really isn't any - but that's what product is for :) The bottle recommends you keep it in for 1 minute, I keep it in for 5. I noticed results the first time I used it, and my hair continues to get more and more blonde!

So anyway. My point.

DO NOT CHEAP OUT WHEN IT COMES TO YOU HAIR!!! Seriously, I made that mistake TWICE. First, I tried to dye my own hair (3 bottles of bleach = $45) and I killed my hair. I would have only spent about $50 more in the first place and had a lot less grief if I just went to the salon in the first place. And second, professional shampoo works wonders. WONDERS.

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