Thursday, January 13, 2011


guys. it's time i come out and say it.. i have an addition...

it's really quite serious

it's taking up my life.

and by life... i mean... my closet!

hahaha! I just recently realized how many clothes I have, and it is ridiculous! And yet, I always feel like I have "nothing to wear" or that I REALLY need that shirt. What I really need is a reality check.

Look at this:

Yeah, and what's worse is that - can you see the little dresser under my hanging clothes? - well, that is filled with all my tank tops, t-shirts, skirts, intimates... and then i have 2 giant bins of pajamas!

But as I type this, I really don't feel that bad about my "addiction". Because since grade 10 or so, my parents stopped paying for my clothes - so almost everything in there was purchased by my own money. And because I had to buy my own clothes, I learned what was a good deal! Most clothes in there range from $5-15 (including jeans).. and I would say a good fraction of those were "buy 1, get one for a penny!" So, whatever, I have a large clothes collection - but I bet most people out there have smaller ones that cost A LOT more than mine does!

Another reason that I don't feel bad is that, every since I can remember, we have donated old clothes to the diabetes foundation. It is just something we do, and it feels pretty good knowing that by donating clothes I don't wear anymore I am helping a foundation raise money for the research done for the people who need it most!

However. One thing I will NEVER donate: pajamas, especially pajama shirts. As I mentioned, I have 2 bins in Guelph filled with pajamas.. and in chatham? 2 extra large drawers filled to the brim with pajamas! So why can't I part with these? Because they have the most sentimental value. They are the shirts that I got from camps, or from sears drama, or on vacations - every shirt has some meaning attached with it, and I can't give that away. On saturday my family went out for dinner, and I wore an old "BANFF" shirt, thinking nothing of it. My whole family FLIPPED out, and had all these memories with the shirt and were like "that shirt is almost 15 years old!" Like, how cool is that?

I love clothes. I love shopping (in the states). I love a good deal. I love memories. I love YOU!


  1. I have the same effing problem!!! I have 2.5 closets and a bunch of things just everywhere... I gave away some of my jeans I don't wear last year and I have 52 pairs of just denim and 15 pairs of yoga pants. Don't even get my started on everything else. WTF?!

  2. LOL! woah! that is way worse than me in the pants department! if anything i need some more denim! thats hysterical!